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Am I dumping too much money into bitcoin?

I'm 16 and have invested £300 in bitcoin... Since I'm under 18, I can't get a trading account so I used virwox witch has like a fee of like 3.9% to deposit and then you have to convert your cash to 'SLL' then pay a 3.9% fee to convert the 'SLL' to bitcoin.... Am I making a loss here???
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Easy guide: How to buy bitcoins fast (And even for small amounts).

I would like to share an easy way to buy bitcoin fast
  1. Register your account on that website.
  2. Deposit money into the website.
  3. On the left side of the page press "USD/SLL" or other currency you deposited and exchange your money to sll.
  4. Than press "BTC/SLL" and exchange your sll to bitcoins
  5. Now you can press "Withdraw" and withdraw your btc.
It's fast, feas are not big. I used it many times, so it's trustworthy and transparent. I hope I helped someone.
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Reliability of using Virwox to buy bitcoin

One method to buy bitcoin with fiat is first to buy Second Life Linden (SLL) with Paypal, and then to use the Virwox exchange to convert the SLL to bitcoin. Some people say that they have used this method several times with no problems, but others are furious that Virwox scammed them out of their money when they tried to withdraw their bitcoins in the final step. (Have a look at these reviews of the service; they are mostly bad.)
I have some questions about this:
I would probably use this service to buy BTC if it didn't have so many extremely negative reviews. This process can also be used in reverse to convert BTC to SLL, and then to convert SLL to Paypal, and in contrast, that seems to be reliable.
If anyone has any insight into these matters, I'm very interested to hear it.
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How to buy Bitcoins with Paypal

So I know a lot of people have been asking about this (and so was I) so I finally found a way to buy Bitcoins with PayPal. The whole idea is to circumvent the direct purchase of BTC with Paypal with buying SLL (Second Life Lindens) and then exchanging them for BTC.
You can find the original post on my Facebook notes here:
If you want a short rundown of how it's done then here's the deal:
IMPORTANT: This process hold within it more transaction fees than usual. This may still be a valid solution since the soaring numbers of BTC compensate for this. It's important for you to be aware of the different transaction fees.
Step 1: Go to VirWox.
VirWox is an exchange of virtual currency, you can buy there Lindens, Bitcoins, and more...
Step 2: Open a free account
Click on the "not registered yet" to open up a new account.
Step 3: Fill out our personal details
Fill out your username and email address. Where it asks for "avatar name" just fill out any name you like it doesn't matter, since you're not going to play Second Life. Continue filling out all of the personal details and click "register".
Step 4: Activate your account
Once you clicked "register" you will get an email confirmation with an initial password. Open the email and log into VirWox with your initial password.
Step 5: IMPORTANT!!! Change your password!
After clicking the confirmation link it is advised you change you password as shown below since you will be transferring money through this site. Do not worry about the message saying "Your avatar connection has not been validated yet" - it is irrelevant.
Step 6: Fund your account through PayPal
Click on deposit on the left side and choose PayPal Express. Fund the account with how many USD you'd like.
Note: From now on for each transaction you will make there will be a fee - make sure you are aware of the relevant deposit and withdrawal fees
Step 7: Buy SLL with USD
Go to Exchange->USD/SLL on the left side. You can also go to any other currency you'd like. Buy SLL (which mean Second Life Lindens) . We will later on exchange these SLL to Bitcoins.
Note: If you haven't made a deposit yet you will get the screen shown above requestion you to deposit before you buy SLL.
Step 8: Buy BTC with SLL
Once you have SLL in your account, go to the BTC/SLL and buy Bitcoins with your SLL.
Step 9: Withdraw your Bitcoins
Choose "Withdraw" on the left side and send the Bitcoins to your wallet.
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05-08 19:24 - 'While I'm a fan of LN from a technical point of view, I'm still not able to grasp the fundamental economics: what's the economic incentive to create a channel (and lock some BTC into it) when I can lend my BTCs and get some nic...' by /u/_sll_ removed from /r/Bitcoin within 282-292min

While I'm a fan of LN from a technical point of view, I'm still not able to grasp the fundamental economics: what's the economic incentive to create a channel (and lock some BTC into it) when I can lend my BTCs and get some nice interest? For example, interest rate (annual) on [[link]2 is about 14% today.
How can be managing a LN node to earn routing fees, that by design are near to zero, be competitive with such interest rate?
Please, "enlightning" me :)
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Author: _sll_
1: www.coin***d.*rg 2:]^^1
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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05-09 08:43 - 'ahahahah: this made my day! / 1 - It seams to me that you are unable (or not willing) to understand what you read: I started asking "what's the economic incentive to create a channel". I don't advertise anything. / 2 - you are no...' by /u/_sll_ removed from /r/Bitcoin within 31-41min

ahahahah: this made my day!
1 - It seams to me that you are unable (or not willing) to understand what you read: I started asking "what's the economic incentive to create a channel". I don't advertise anything.
2 - you are not able to answer my question, so you are distracting the conversation asking a different question, a clear indication that you DON'T have an answer.
3 - you don't know how internet works! You are paying a bill for your xDSL line (or 3G/4G connection) to your ISP, aren't you? what do you think the bill you paid is used for? again, I suggest you to spend some time to study how things work... an hint for you: try to google "who pays for the internet infrastructure"
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Author: _sll_
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Where to sell my SLL for USD (Neteller/Skrill) or Bitcoins?

I can't find anymore how to fund my virwox account with my linden dollars balance at SL...
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Today found out virwox is trading 2,5 kBTC daily for SLL, which can be bought by credit card. May be this IS an easy way to buy bitcoins for credit card? Anybody can share experience?

Today found out virwox is trading 2,5 kBTC daily for SLL, which can be bought by credit card. May be this IS an easy way to buy bitcoins for credit card? Anybody can share experience? submitted by realhuman to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

noob question

so i found out that i was all wrong with buying btc on virwox > SLL to BTC > right to the DNM.. i’m from europe and never ordered outside of my country and only small amounts. never had problems. but since virwox closed, i’m trying to find my way through all of this, but everyone is saying different things with safety... cash app is not aviable for me and coinbase seems shady with wanting my ID.. i use tor on safest and have normally use empire or apollon with pgp. where should i buy my bitcoins now and what’s with the wallet?
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To address concerns about my identity

Doubts about my identity seem to crop up, so I like to address all those once more. Hopefully in a comprehensive way.
First of all, to explain the situation from my article again, is my go-to service. Usually, 24h is plenty and suffices to timestamp everything.
But in this case, Core went quickly ahead with release information, which made the 24h window (due to fees) too small to conclusively prove ownership on the BTC chain.
But let's have a look in detail. This is the text that I wrote:
BitcoinABC does not check for duplicate inputs when processing a block, only when inserting a transaction into the mempool. This is dangerous as blocks can be generated with duplicate transactions and then sent through e.g. compact block missing transactions and avoid hitting the mempool, creating money out of thin air. awemany 
If you SHA256 this, it calculates to: 5c45a1ba957362a2ba97c9f8c48d4d59d4fa990945b7094a8d2a98c3a91ed9b6
Exhibit A: I timestamped that here:
Note that there is a timestamp when it entered their system, which is before anything else became public and which is:
17.9.2018, 14:54:19 CEST
It shows it in your local time zone in your browser, a fact that Peter Todd apparently tripped over as well:
Scroll down to "Submission to OriginStamp" at the end.
This timestamp is, however, just from their service and thus centralized. But if you think I faked that, that would mean that I must have hacked their service in time to do so. In the last few days. Furthermore, the window for this hack would be quite small, as there is also a later submission into the blockchain. So if you doubt this information alone, it would mean I'd had to hack the service in time (within a few hours window) just to claim this identity, leave no trace of all of this, face the risk of being called out by the true finder of the bug (who'd be different then) and write this long article ...
But there's more:
Exhibit B: For anyone who is a member of the BU slack, I posted a message that was the above hash (as I said in my medium article) and which is still sitting unedited on the slack as well, in the #general channel. There are likely several hundred members of this slack, and all of them who read it should have seen this message in time. I believe there are also (well-behaved) Core supporters in there. I would need to have hacked that service in an undetected way as well and fool or collude with all active members therein as well. That now creates a pretty big collusion, don't you think?
Exhibit C: Finally, let me close with this PGP signed message. I created a PGP key just to keep my identity separate, at least for a while, from my main pseudonym awemany. And in the email I send out to the developers, I have added myself as a recipient. Even though the message has not been signed (I didn't see any reason to do so at the time of release), my full key id is still in this message. And that is, as far as I know, a 128-bit hash for which it is practically impossible to find a preimage for. This explicit 'encrypt-to-self' is because I fucked up with PGP encryption in the past (because, as I say in my article, mistakes just happen) and I wanted to at least be able to read my own encrypted message later. I have created sitations for myself where I wasn't able to read my own encrypted emails. Yes, call me a crypto noob, say PEBKAC or whatever, it is exactly an example of why I am saying that I am not perfect but so is no one else!
Here is this message, which I am sure anyone owning the original disclosure email is happy for you to confirm that it is the same key id:
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 This messsage is signed by the beardnboobies GPG key that I created just in time for the vulnerability disclosure. In reality, I am awemany on reddit and elsewhere. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQGzBAEBCgAdFiEERGszUXtt2s3Wfkt1yydp8d93NcQFAlumBkAACgkQyydp8d93 NcQvegwAmcfqKSp/RZVE6HIyN9gbxa5oz2YFaaoeVCoQTsDZPX08zjBjp7jzMUGW izraVk+yOz8Yxdv7re8G+CBqnpgfpNvMoHPe75bgoyKzavTtukVSScDUHZ9Tu9D7 xQcfWnwZhsUjsTsxFD7B6PLAWzeh7cA3d0xUwrFJoa//hlOylnlC/76cbBspqSll ispvQgBcEM6NfKvmCTb9LItts2/QrXX891LK9I4vPC1WpOrXPA9lNnuuP8/S/ey9 O7iqwW+oCwGKLELQJE58hgwt7keQukrPEfwUtBXACW77gtk1dXaxRL5RqCkmMsMn rBMkTGmjDit+AVE/5oW+flds8/Hq+kQDXUZfaLbnOrleW50LTTi+etA/PPhHxe45 CUD7Jm8d2LbTIjFWsZT/Rq2Djsy3gBcHeKqFMRXEBI7WoFe431q38gVSyfvbCrPR R4AJsg2eGgysu0E/SZecHHULc4CU6RdLmCRrORRSv1T9tOyJcRpfwRlE4FnT9LTC /+5v9mXI =k2oE -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 
And here is the public key which matches that key Id and which has likewise not been made public yet:
-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQGNBFufufgBDADJ3N5xocCOSyRrF42nvrujUZXRPnaq+X3E0GjNlCwuCFZELNE9 l950cR4l+sNFbjcvWtlCgAdHPAggED3ZeutTO3fAIClN+LOgnyEF4txjdG72j9L4 NnCVMfKhT2yc7JZQh3lS+GHFSBS8joLq09GxllTORvdawuW34yzV4rzFZZ3NfK+/ 8BtNAf+nXvtafugw4Nlln5LPvGna9bmh/74RlZTAJeV52a/WsucBQ7kVuWTAERMy N+DuvUIxh7gG9KbSQXsPQ+1ZleO9+nWJs4pgX3ro6ZRMYvN9jeJsDjx2uQoL77zM RwMKNis5ifxnkHmExOG01SQxz3j9tw1anC8dFi2zs9jlr+qjUofSUT0RctKNJlga BgDV1dsu8dg11xxo4slH93D5LqJJs3lg+RjxHeWE6Oxvpz4SQpU+sLT4T73xOh/d GDw4UmLMUgKjjlYexVhlNk6FUamAkpYzuTgN35AeUt1iGj9D9XAbbi0G3MjKYSX6 tPkBC5h7XIGDzGcAEQEAAbQuQmVhcmQnbidib29iaWVzIDxiZWFyZG5ib29iaWVz QHByb3Rvbm1haWwuY29tPokB1AQTAQoAPhYhBERrM1F7bdrN1n5LdcsnafHfdzXE BQJbn7n4AhsDBQkDwmcABQsJCAcCBhUKCQgLAgQWAgMBAh4BAheAAAoJEMsnafHf dzXEi0gMAL0StgXSH4mbHPeyj0pJOmzOpEsfm7S05EKoGnMzmB/ZfCxag9YvDSSQ Jz28jOmPIrnLLkuOFcf0BnSKmys2WbEpGm5SgRU0anSTiiaTy2RjPa8eC34F6X/q LjgJ6J4hvOoDkQAjOzfspayRjRmFewNzssMHn6JC2NWvP+8+nClsJA959E9rxJ5F xaPmPZ9g4AJFah/vpRXbv44JQGbjr42CdB2JUTYW3rd7WjYFdcGcPU0UQhRQSflL 2ZOCw8bJCdPRRXpy2xTewTPE4eVcrclvmbKDhDbDNkY9cqDSPqag2JG8GoPsl3Ym 33uwzN1Y5qkocfGoVxr3eEEFQgkPnqX27OyGAL1+MoEOYuLuhUaNX2E/WmPZwtU3 E5JdjdIRfVfzI+oWs6Mfn1mbxeePBikjHgNgr4vs2+DkujeenS8UsD5Y6qrk9Ypt Erh5GRT0BauSSV52U3mEboMyxRHriObFT+BQAK0cJ4ZZ9aAUVLZcC4TXps2PKcjZ ozJYgvFm1rkBjQRbn7n4AQwAx7JiWJSuwAidK0AcPS2kt5gpzsESgxq1qyoeELYg tNb6G2SihbFj4hVMjc8Ol+a0wtcd+3D7Wcyu5EDbfnIydfmytIvF6CABWCkKtulG lxKSydMg16QGMwWixqTLRo1FoCdAzvKJktTshIlARoRt1cII/5n0C+Ny33kdm809 c+5EPFW22Hu5cNZR6xjYkONoM+Gw9JVIo5O9DY1l2s7qaQhnnTQDMBJLZjtOVFZF l/QQjnM5SJZr7lkzNMOgdA3saCbjk7NVMnV8ledLHYZguR3lDfsfdwWvw9Q3tEp9 Ii5P3AHzzV7eu0g6T7xpjV4LNssP1abvrBBd/RFfA6A3ec9wXEWTk2ewXpZLkicm 9VBy3nsz5bedoAvcyTVB0HF80yHbo99eSwEUenlrs0K0Yv97hxJ2ioPrhx4y7M9Q XRWRXFRaLBgLT5GxvIs9jRWJq7jwtKknA7GSun06UFKnOmiT81dmVf4Dne1F9y/R U7ld9Doo7IARUYP11/twEh5HABEBAAGJAbwEGAEKACYWIQREazNRe23azdZ+S3XL J2nx33c1xAUCW5+5+AIbDAUJA8JnAAAKCRDLJ2nx33c1xMiGDACbqHLuXMZ2937O aDfuchIYJ7BoqLiY+Po0V78jenYcx4pXXnau2rL44f02B6nV5RK21b+PwFDX+SMh usQfAYdBBRxIb0uDePKx2/Vb0UC5yb456eprYBXOIN7odl0J68PpjUQik5kqizig n/vyrIMMQehnFFee88xdSUYK495I6URJtIp6YLCYoalFs49l3szLJZK57OcCmfsR gzQbBIsPqQ7uqKZlGYZY9a/PYEZd3Lb6qLF693jZyNjDZ8IIfBjvJa3ZwJiTtNXi NknfmW2KcokFljOa5Fvs6Gu11Q9KpbVRpkKeHF79TSN5lPSwvBjsBbx9j4KoFBum yNNQTclRMe+AWHfcnoIXooFemiv27n6HEwoFEyoKm3ita1V+RiDuZ1e3FEA4zUPO XlZv6e7p+Cd0coP4FDWR5mq1ck+SOFoFuqNrqpEIumrHEC4wKcIA7iy/jJ5frgab UjEcFa/MBAaZ7If9+3kHh2kpfPwLOT+7Mm7i9kD1Yu3UBvwoYOE= =DyTh -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- 
I am not going to disclose the original email just yet, because there is exploit code in there. Even though I think that exploit code is quite simple and will likely not do harm, there is no reason to add more risk and this could also still be used against me by trolls by being called irresponsible. So I hope folks understand why I refrain from that for now.
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WHY are we the thirteenth largest cryptocoin market, with more trade and more trend than bitcoin, and yet we do not have a single site trading USD/DOGE??

I have been purchasing coins through my friends account for some time now until finally I decided to register for my own at Virwox.
When I originally registered I thought I could exchange USD for doge, or even doge to Bitcoin right there on the site. But to my dismay, this is not the case. First you have to transfer them to another exchange site to convert your money around a few times, finally enabling you to make the final trade, BTC/DOGE.
This would be all fine and dandy if Virwox didn't have a mandatory 2 day delay minimum on all first transfers....And for people wondering there are no other places you can go to that don't do something similar.
I deposited my money three days ago when I intended to buy doge for .000276 USD and now I'm losing out on a great deal of doge coins when you consider the fact that the doge market GREW BY OVER 2 MILLION DOLLARS in the course of the last day and a half.(jan. 14 - 15). In affect reducing the amount of doge I can now purchase for my bitcoins from 210,000Doge(for 60USD) to 140k.
Edit: I forgot to mention the problems associated with having to exchange between different currencies. Firstly, any deposit into one of these crypto exchange sites take mandatory fees for just about every step in the process. My initial 60 dollar deposit was reduced to 57.65, and when I withdrew my bitcoins from the site there was a mandatory BTC xfer fee of .002 BTC.
Oh but it doesn't stop there, you see, because you have to exchange your coins through so many different currencies before it lands on Doge, you are forced to leave behind tiny increments of your coins in different crypto wallets, as most sites will have a minimum trade amount for a certain currency. Take SLL for example, they only let you convert a minimum of 35 SLL into BTC at a time. So if you have say 100 SLL wanting to be turned into BTC, you will be forced to leave behind 30 SLL, as you don't have the required 105
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[2015-08-19] Challenge #228 [Intermediate] Use a Web Service to Find Bitcoin Prices


Modern web services are the core of the net. One website can leverage 1 or more other sites for rich data and mashups. Some notable examples include the Google maps API which has been layered with crime data, bus schedule apps, and more.
Today's a bit of a departure from the typical challenge, there's no puzzle to solve but there is code to write. For this challenge, you'll be asked to implement a call to a simple RESTful web API for Bitcoin pricing. This API was chosen because it's freely available and doesn't require any signup or an API key. Furthermore, it's a simple GET request to get the data you need. Other APIs work in much the same way but often require API keys for use.
The Bitcoin API we're using is documented here: Specifically we're interested in the /v1/trades.csv endpoint.
Your native code API (e.g. the code you write and run locally) should take the following parameters:
The API call you make to the site will yield a plain text response of the most recent trades, formatted as CSV with the following fields: UNIX timestamp, price in that currency, and amount of the trade. For example:
Your API should return the current value of Bitcoin according to that exchange in that currency. For example, your API might look like this (in F# notation to show types and args):
val getCurrentBitcoinPrice : exchange:string -> currency:string -> float 
Which basically says take two string args to describe the exchange by name and the currency I want the price in and return the latest price as a floating point value. In the above example my code would return 349.25.
Part of today's challenge is in understanding the API documentation, such as the format of the URL and what endpoint to contact.


Many thanks to adrian17 for finding this API for this challenge - it doesn't require any signup to use.
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Digital nomads bounce from country to country and some intrepid travelers started using...

Digital nomads bounce from country to country and some intrepid travelers started using...
Digital nomads bounce from country to country and some intrepid travelers started using Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to control their finances.
With the TRASTRA mobile app you can easily manage your finances while traveling!
Just try! IOS: Android:
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New to Bitcoins, how can i get $200 worth BTC with my credit/debit card

Hey Bitcoins community, please help a newcomer to get some BTC, i need $200 worth BTC urgently and whatever exchange i tried takes many hours/days to process. And also does anyone used VirWox ? i have 100$ stuck there, they didnt allowed me to add more than 99$ to my account and took 5$ commission on it, then i had to sell that USD to SLL for another commission and then withdraw that SLL to BTC with another commission, till now (around 10 hours) i didnt got any BTC on my wallet, is this a scam ?
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How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal
In order to buy Bitcoin, casual investors want to avoid the complicated process of setting up an account with exchanges or going the mining route – two rather detailed and laborious processes. Thankfully PayPal offers a more convenient method to acquire digital currencies.

How to Buy Bitcoins with PayPal through eToro

Pros: Accepts a variety of payment methods, low fees
Cons: Not available in the US
eToro is a platform that allows users to buy bitcoins with PayPal and is considered to be one of the easiest methods to do so. Worthy of note is that eToro does not enable users to withdraw or transfer bitcoins to other users, rather it allows users to sell Bitcoin only for fiat currency. Users do not need a bitcoin wallet to use eToro as they do not store any coins.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through VirWox

Pros: A reliable method
Cons: High fees
VirWox (Virtual World Exchange) – It is a platform that allows trading of digital currencies such as Lindens, Bitcoins, etc. This exchange has more than 400,000 registered users and is an authorized reseller of Second Life Lindens (SLL).
Here is a step-by-step guide taking you through VirWox:
  • Go to
  • Open an account – login to Virwox, register and fill personal details like username, email address, etc. Skip when asked for “avatar name” and enter all other necessary information and click “register”.
  • Activate an account – a confirmation email is sent to your account with a password. Login to Virwox with these credentials. It is advised to change the password before transferring money.
  • Deposit money through PayPal – to do this, ensure you have an account with PayPal and ‘understand terms of service’ allowed by PayPal for using SLLs to buy bitcoins. Deposit money into Virwox account via PayPal. Now you have a balance in your VirWox account to purchase coins with.
  • Go back to VirWox and buy SLL, and then buy bitcoins with your newly purchased SLL. Click “withdraw” to send your new bitcoins to your wallet. That’s it! Now you own Bitcoin!
VirWox charges fees for each transaction such as exchanging USD for SLL and then exchanging SLL for BTC. The fee structure of VirWox changes constantly so keep an eye on this every time you want to make a transaction. VirWox has been in the market for a long time and is currently the most reliable platform.

How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal through Local Bitcoins

Pros: Various sellers from all around the world
Cons: High fees, chances of scams
Local Bitcoins is another marketplace where buyers and sellers meet. In this method, users can buy bitcoins with PayPal by finding a suitable seller with an excellent feedback score and large trade volume. Trading with new buyers involves higher risk, so sellers charge buyers high fees – keep that in mind!
  • Enter search parameters – go to Local Bitcoins and select your country and choose the amount to be purchased.
  • Choose a seller – a list of sellers is displayed by Local Bitcoins. Choose a seller who has a good feedback score. Each seller has trade limits which range from a minimum to a maximum amount of bitcoins required to trade.
  • Go to Payment window – buyer’s reputation increases per transaction and sellers prefer to sell bitcoins to buyers with a good reputation to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.
  • Complete the trade – after finding a suitable seller and entering the quantity of purchase, click “Send trade request” and your done!

How to Buy Bitcoin Using PayPal through Wirex

Pros: Normal fees
Cons: Withdrawing funds takes more than a week
Wirex is a leading company that provides virtual and physical bitcoin debit cards (which is just like a normal debit card). Users can use Wirex’s card to buy bitcoins with PayPal.
  • Request for a new physical/ virtual debit card from Wirex – login to Wirex and click on “request new card” and choose the card type. Users can use both physical and virtual cards to buy bitcoins via PayPal.
  • Link debit card details to PayPal account:
    • In PayPal account, go to “wallet”, select “add a card” to add your virtual bitcoin card. A minimum of $3 is required in PayPal account to verify this card.
    • A 4-digit code is generated, which is the verification pin for Wirex cards on PayPal.
    • Go to “wallet” and click “Withdraw funds” and choose “withdraw funds to your card” option.
    • Withdrawal would take up to 7 days to appear in Wirex account.
    • Buy bitcoins with Wirex debit card.

How to Buy Bitcoins Using PayPal through Paxful

Pros: Wide range of sellers from all over the world
Cons: Chances of scam, high exchange rate
Paxful is the latest version of Local Bitcoins. It is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace and allows users to buy bitcoins with Skype credits, Amazon gift cards, etc. In Paxful, a seller sends bitcoins, buyer purchases and sends dollars to escrow. Once the trading is completed, funds are released to each party.
The process to buy bitcoins through Paxful is:
  • Create an account
  • To buy, select payment method by entering the desired amount
  • To sell bitcoins, select “seller manually” or allow Paxful to decide who the best seller is.

Final Thoughts…

Cryptocurrencies are tentative, complex and involve high risks as they are highly volatile. Before buying bitcoins through PayPal, ensure that the terms and conditions of PayPal and bitcoins are well – understood to make your transactions secure.
Source: CryptoCurrencyNews
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Better/cheaper platform than VirWoX for Paypal to Bitcoin?

I'm a irregular and low budget bitcoin buyer who wants to know, if there is a cheaper alternative to VirWoX for Paypal to Bitcoin Payments (except Paxful)?
I like VirWoX, because you can buy Bitcoins instantly. Only con: high fees (because you have to change to SSL first, then SLL to BTC + deposit and paying out fees +etc.)

Is there a cheaper alternative? (only direct bitcoin release and paypal)
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So if bitcoins amount is limited...

What stops someone to buy sll bitcoins and destroy them?
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So after paying $108 from paypal to get bitcoin from virwox, I get $80 worth of bitcoin? (Virwox)

From the $108, virwox made me get their currency which is SLL then I have to turn that into BTC. And in the end, I get $80 worth of bitcoin.. With a small amount of SLL in my account left over that I cant turn into bitcoin
This is just ridiculous. Never using this shitty service again and I advise you not to
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Trading DOGE: Your full guide to trading Dogecoin for profit

NOTE: YES! This guide is long, but when you get started it's fast and easy.
Hi everyone,
my previous post about PTC's got so much hate. So I decided to make a full guide on how I made $120 last month. If the same interest and numbers remain you'll be making $100/month for two months, and $500/month for another month. On your third month, you'll be able to make over $750 if the market remains. These last couple of days I've just bought low sold high to people. The steps are really simple and anyone can do it, I'll show you all the steps in detail for maximum profits.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your money or actions. Any accusations to me (Rynsi) will not be accepted, use it on your own risk!
1. Introduction
2. Get started with Dogecoin
2.1 Install your wallet
3. Choose trading sources
4. Where to sell Dogecoin?
5. Good advise
6. Summary
7. Proof of Screenshots for the naysayers
8. Links
1. Introduction
I started trading Dogecoin (I'll talk about this coin soon) 5th of February, and saw a great potential in making money with it. With this guide, you'll make 15%-30% of your money back with each trade because the current market is limited, therfor YOU can provite this service that many people request. I started with $72 and now have $220, which makes my ROI 205.5%. I will show you how it's made step by step before it blows up and become viral!
2. Get started with Dogecoin
You can use it to buy goods and services, or trade it for other currencies (both other cryptocurrencies or traditional currency like US dollars). By far the most popular use the Dogecoin however is for "tipping" fellow internet-goers who are creating or sharing great content. Think of it as a more meaningful "like" or upvote, with real value that can be used all across the internet.
2.1 Install your wallet
To start using Dogecoin, you'll need a wallet. A wallet is just like your online bank account, only your entire account is stored securely on your local computer or in the cloud. From your wallet you can send and receive Dogecoin, manage your address book and review a history of your transactions.
Desktop wallets can be downloaded and run from your computer's desktop. Desktop wallets are more secure as they don't rely on a third-party server in the cloud:
Windows (click to download)
OS X (click to download)
Source code(if you're using Linux, you'll need to compile the wallet yourself)
For Windows and OS X users, simply extract the .zip file to a secure location on your computer, then double click on "dogecoin-qt" to run. For information on how to use your desktop wallet, check out this great site.
3. Choose trading sources
You know now how to get a Dogecoin wallet, but you will need to get an online wallet to save USD on, one exchange site to trade USD to BTC and one to trade BTC to DOGE. It might sound a lot to do in the startup phase, but it's really easy once you get going!
3.1 USD/BTC Exchange
There are a lot of options when it comes to buying BTC, but for now VirWox is the only one that accepts PayPal and VISA purchases. You can choose many different kinds of sites that accept USD/BTC trades, that is another story that is another story to be told. VirWox has a limit of depositing $780 per month, but after 60 days you can deposit $2800 per month, so trading as much as possible will be the best thing to do if you want money.
USD Storage: PayPal
USD/BTC Exchange: VirWox (ref / non-ref)
To deposit dollars with (VERIFIED) PayPal to VirWox, you need to be a verified user. This is to prevent frautend actions such as chargebacks and instant payments. The deposit will be instantly made after you complete the order and you can start trade. To trade, you first have to buy SLL with the USD on your account [!!!WARNING!!!] USE LIMIT ORDER and NOT market order.
Now do the same, but with the SLL/BTC exchange. I repeat, do NOT use the market order. Use LIMIT ORDER to get as much BTC as possible.
You have now successfully completed a USD/BTC exchange!
3.2 BTC/DOGE Exchange
This step is almost similar to the previous Exchange, but this step is only with Crypto-currency (read Bitcoin and Dogecoin).
BTC/USD Exchange: Cryptsy (ref / non-ref)
To exchange to BTC, you need to withdraw your BTC from VirWox to Cryptsy. This is made in the Cryptsy balance page, where you can generate a BTC deposit adress. Unfortunately, you have to wait 48 hours the first time for VirWox to accept your deposit manually due to security reasons, all the other transactions in this guide will be almost instant.
Now when you have BTC on your Cryptsy account, you have to do the same as you did with USD/SLL and SLL/BTC, really easy! When you have traded to DOGE, your downloaded Desktop Wallet comes in handy. Deposit the DOGE from Cryptsy to your Desktop Wallet and you're ready to go to the next step!
4. Where to sell Dogecoin?
This is a great surprise I have waited to tell you, you use REDDIT to sell Dogecoin! It's really easy to do. Go to /dogemarket/new and see what the current prices are. You can sell for the same price as others, undercut for faster sales or overcut for slower sales (but bigger profits!). You structure the post by [SERVICE] AMOUNT RATE PAYMENT TYPE (SPECIAL OFFER). Here is an example, my last post where I sold Dogecoin. If you follow my conversation in that post you will see how typical trades are being made.
When you have traded the Doge you can make a post on the /dogemarket verification thread where you achieve levels that will be shown for other users through your flare. Notice the orage flares, those indicate level of trades, age and amount you have traded. These are good for noticing legit and fake users, but always be of scammers!
5. Good advise
A. Only accept GIFT (friends and family option) from (VERIFIED) PayPal, DO NOT accept eChecks or transactions that has to be accepted first. eChecks and Instant payments can be chargebacked and gifts will prevent this from being possible.
B. If you have reached VirWox deposit limit, wait a while to see how the BTC/DOGE market is going. You might make some extra 1000's of DOGE if you wait a while.
C. Always be nice and kind to the DOGE community, they are really friendly, patient and polite, be so too!
D. Try to be fast in your transactions on /dogemarket, good service equals good reviews.
E. PEOPLE WILL TRY TO SCAM YOU! Always check for names including "shibe" or "doge" and new accounts.
F. Have fun! If you have fun trading and communicating with other people on Reddit, you will enjoy yourself and have a better time making money.
6. Summary: A step by step guide to make $100+/month
(and $500+/month after 60 days if market remains)
Download your dogecoin wallet.
Sign up to PayPal, VirWox and Cryptsy.
Add money to your (VERIFIED) PayPal account.
Deposit the money to VirWox.
Exchange money to SLL.
Exchange SLL to BTC.
Withdraw BTC to Cryptsy.
Exchange BTC to DOGE.
Withdraw DOGE to Desktop Wallet.
Make a post on /dogemarket.
Recieve PayPal money from buyer.
Send Dogecoin to buyer.
7. Proof of Screenshots for the naysayers
PayPal Proof
VirWox Proof
Cryptsy Proof
Desktop Wallet Proof
As if you haven't seen the whole iceberg, here is my reddit verification post
8. Links
Dogecoin Promotional video(a must watch)
Dogecoin Subreddit
Dogecoin Official website
Bitcoin Subreddit

Bitcoin Official website

This is my first guide: making over $100/month with a $72 investment. When your VirWox account is 60 days you'll make $500/month and when your VirWox account is 90 days you'll make $750/month (if market remains as it is).
I think it's a big effort by me trying to teach you how to make money, so I would really appreciate you using the referral links. If you find any errors in my guide, please don't hesitate to tell. I will be answering any questions regarding my guide as good as possible doesn't matter if you comment or PM.
I'm accepting any donations,
TL;DR Wanna be rich? read.
Edit: Formatting
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PSA-Only you can help prevent Bitcoin scamming. Please upvote for visibility. I receive no karma for this post.

I just wanted to make sure to let everyone know that there are a couple of active attempts to scam you, the users of /SilkRoad, out of money.
Some red flags:
Some specific scam sites:
I think we're doing alright killing the spam/scam comments when we see them, but it makes it much easier for us when you report them. Please don't just downvote. On a related note, please don't report people for being dicks. That's still not against the rules. If it were, I'd've been banned ages ago.
I'm sorry if some of this seems like common sense to you. I just wanted to help get this information out there for those of you who are still a little new to this.
We put together an FAQ with some links to resources on how to get Bitcoin all over the world:
I almost forgot to mention the most recent creative attempts. A user called SR_Support has been PMing users claiming to represent SR. The user solicits a deposit for you to be considered for a job handling trouble tickets for SR. Needless to say, this is a scam. Thankfully, I don't think that one has worked at all.
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Linden to Bitcoin

Is there currently a way to exchange my Linden Dollars to Bitcoin? I thought it may be possible via VirWox but they state "We are sorry, but currently we do not accept SLL deposits"
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Alternative to virwox for buying anonymous BTC

I just spent 2 hours for trying to find an alternative website to Virwox where you can buy bitcoins anonymously with a credit card from all over world, without any ID verification, through Skrill payment system.
So I am looking for an alternative website as they really charge you heaps, considering that you have to change to SLL first in order to buy BTC.
I am living in a country where there are no bitcoin ATMs.
TLDR: Alternative to Virwox to buy anonymous BTC?
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Bitcoin ATM  How to sell Bitcoins - YouTube All (Crypto) Roads Lead to Bitcoin  Michel Rauchs - YouTube How To Buy And Sell Bitcoin On Paxful - YouTube Tutorial: How to Sell Bitcoin Cash on by ... How to Sell Bitcoin & Withdraw on 2020 ...

Sell Bitcoin Easily and Safely via LiteBit. Fast Payout to your Bank account. On Paxful, you dictate how much you want to sell your Bitcoin for & how you want to cash out. Sell your BTC on your own terms to anyone, anywhere in the world. A step by step guide to buy&sell cryptocurrency on Bitcoin Global Instant registration. It’s free. No identity verification, no waiting times, no additional charges, all you need is an email address to get started Browse, search and filter offers You can post your own offer to trade or reply to someone else’s offer. Offers can be filtered by location, payment method, currency. Trade with ... 2. Selling Bitcoin with PayPal. One method people search for online often, is how to sell Bitcoins and receive funds to your PayPal account. PayPal, in general, aren’t very fond of Bitcoin mainly due to the fact that they can’t give their customers chargeback protection for Bitcoin transactions (here’s why).Having said that, there are still some workarounds that will allow you to sell ... Pay instantly with Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, in more than 40 million places around the world. Withdraw cash around the world. Bit2Me Card is a crypto VISA debit card: Forget about prepaid cards! Do not spend time selling manually, or sell more than you need. We magically connect your wallet to the card.

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Bitcoin ATM How to sell Bitcoins - YouTube

In this episode, you’ll discover the various different methods on how to buy and sell Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel ... Here is a short video of how to use a Bitcoin ATM to redeem / sell your Bitcoins at and turn them into cash. I go over how to use your bitcoin wallet at a bi... In this tutorial you will learn how to sell bitcoin on PAXFUL,with amazon gift card.or other 299 ways.Get started on PAXFUL This is a step-by-step #tutorial showing you how to #sell #bitcoin on #LocalBitcoins: I'll show you step-by-step, how to c... Buy or Sell Bitcoin Cash anywhere in the world without an ID or verification. A step by step walkthrough on how to buy or sell BCH on by Ro...