What is the difference between standard syntax and BSD syntax?

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I had this discussion yesterday with an IT-manager. The main difference between BSD and Linux is - IMHO - the focus. BSD: Security. BSD is easy to "harden" and has many standard-features for this; all commands do their core task - not more; almost no security bugs; is therefore the OS of choice for front line DMZ systems Neither BSD nor Apache 2.0 is a "viral" license, meaning AFAIK it makes no demands on the other source code you include it with. That also means that unlike GPL, you aren't releasing a "product" under a BSD or Apache license, but each file or section of code is licensed under the license that the author released it under. This page describes a BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal). ... This BIP is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license. Specification Block Template Request. A JSON-RPC method is defined, called "getblocktemplate". It accepts exactly one argument, which MUST be an Object of request parameters. If the request parameters include a "mode" key, that is used to explicitly select between the default ... BSD. The BSD is significantly smaller than the BCL. The BSD has the typical "as-is" disclaimer and requires that the license be re-distributed with the software and source. In addition, it also places restrictions on advertisement and endorsements. The BSD allows for modifications of software. The BSD is intended for both source and binary code ... So why isn't BSD using our ps (or vice versa)? Our ps package (procps see: dpkg -S $(which ps)) is a fork of another procps package. Both these are GPL licensed. This is incompatible with BSD's license so can't be included there. (We could include BSD's but don't need to). ps is fairly kernel specific. I reckon they're technically incompatible.

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Bitcoin Q&A: Public keys vs. addresses

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